RapidResponse Ground Support

RapidResponse Ground Support

Striving to deliver only premium services to demanding customers, Mazzotta Rentals has established a company culture of rapid response and readiness, designed to optimize productivity, efficiency and safety for contractors and their crews. We respond to all service calls within one hour – no exceptions.

The daily practice of this culture has brought about confidence in us by our many customers and has become the hallmark of our success.

Services Include:

  • Factory warranty maintenance & repairs
  • Quarterly and annual ANSI required AWP inspections
  • Preventive and planned maintenance
  • Light and heavy repairs
  • Job Site Evaluation – Let an expert evaluate your job site in-person and at no cost
  • Mobile services

Mobile Services Include:

  • All types of repairs
  • Preventive and planned maintenance
  • Quarterly and annual ANSI-required AWP inspections
  • Emergency response for down equipment

Never battle downtime again – call upon us!

Call 1-888-GET-LIFT for assistance.

RapidResponse Ground Support