Personalized Fleet Management

Let the equipment experts take care of it!

Managing your assets intelligently will enable you to deploy them for maximum effectiveness – improving uptime, reliability and safety.

It begins with routine service and preventative maintenance programs that will keep your equipment running at peak performance levels. We can help you avoid downtime and save valuable resources.

For those customers who own private fleets, Mazzotta Rentals’ Fleet Management Programs ensure that you will maintain the highest utilization and productivity levels. We make sure your equipment works for you – when and where needed.

To deliver this high level of continuous service, we have established a team that is dedicated exclusively to your fleet management needs.

The Fleet Management Team can be reached at 1-888-GET-LIFT (438-5438) and will coordinate or assist with any of the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled services
  • Major repairs
  • Safety inspections and reports
  • Fleet storage
  • Fleet transport
  • Fleet rotation (marketing, sale & replacement with new)
  • Warranty management & processing