Caring & Community

Your partner when confronting challenging times.

When unexpected natural disasters or situations like the COVID-19 outbreak occur, an immediate response is critical. The Mazzotta Rentals Emergency Response team offers the proper equipment, expert personnel, and the time-tested ability to respond at a moment’s notice.

Have questions? To speak with a member of our team, give us a call at 1-888-GET-LIFT or click the button below.

Volunteer, Donate, Give Back to our Communities. It’s not just our duty, it’s our privilege!

In recent years, natural disasters such as super storms and hurricanes have been extraordinarily active and destructive, affecting communities across the Northeastern U.S. Now, we are struggling with a devastating virus that is claiming many lives. It is times like these that define what it means to be American. We band together and help each other in any way possible - no matter how big or small - we help.

As the effects of the COVID-19 virus become clear, many of us will feel compelled to help others. Mazzotta Rentals has provided support to critical service providers and stands ready to continue assisting our leaders and frontline responders. To our Governors, Mayors, and Hospital Leaders: We offer to donate our equipment and services to our State and Local Governments, Hospitals and the local Military in an effort to end this invasive pandemic. We are here to help! Call 1-888-GET-LIFT.